........   is a multi-disciplined practice which provides architectural design, feng shui consulting, contract bidding, contract negotiation, and construction administration services to residential, commercial and institutional clients. Environmental responsibility is an underlying philosophy of the practice. The person/place connection, wise land use, sustainable materials and methods, and energy conservation are key components of a holistic approach to all projects.

Professional experience in architecture, construction, real estate development, and feng shui adds depth and practicality to our approach. We understand cost and market considerations.  We work with clients to integrate environmental responsibility with cost-effective practices. We attend classes, seminars and trade shows to remain in the forefront of the industry. We are always looking for new materials and methods; though we temper our exuberance with a well-researched approach.

Our practice is located in a small town in Southern New Hampshire, which is used as a base to provide services both locally and nationally.