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David Ely, AIA


David is a licensed Architect in New Hampshire and other states. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Oklahoma State Univ. He has more than forty years experience in the building and design trades. He offers full architectural and consulting services for business, educational, residential, and governmental projects. David's background in construction has proved invaluable. He approaches design from a pragmatic point of view. This approach, coupled with an intuitive and imaginative design sense, provides practical and unique solutions for all projects undertaken.

Building with nature comes naturally to David. His designs incorporate materials and methods which are environmentally friendly. His designs are site-specific with high regard for orientation, topography, vegetation, and natural amenities. Passive solar principles, natural day-lighting, and organic design that is harmonious with the context are principles that he studies and embraces. Energy Efficiency is always at the forefront.



Buildings are best designed by a team of professionals. A broad range of expertise is necessary to bring any project to life. We have at our disposal an array of consultants we work with on a regular basis. These include structural, mechanical, lighting and electrical engineers, landscape architects, interior designers and others. We all embrace the integrated design ethic meaning we work together from the earliest stages of programming and design to ensure a well-coordinated project.